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With a population of a little over 6,000 people, it may come as a surprise that Cambria is host to over 2 dozen white table cloth restaurants. Because of the overwhelming variety, one of the biggest difficulties you might face during your visit is deciding which to choose from. It is common for visitors to approach locals for assistance in making these decisions; however it is also difficult for locals to suggest a place. For this reason we wrote a few words about the “Cambria favorites”. You may also like to view the ratings for each restaurant in the directory as well as check the forum for comments of personal experience.

Here are some of our recommendations

Sea Chest

Sea Chest has been serving visitors and locals since 19XX. It has earned a reputation that is nearly legendary.


Reopening after a severe fire, they have taken things up a notch from what was already a top notch restaurant.
Sows Ear

Sit by a cozy fire and eat a splendid meal that has earned the Sows Ear rave reviews and awards.
Black Cat
An eclectic European styled menu, fine wines and great ambiance. Black Cat is a fabulous restaurant and a personal favorite.